Phase one

Needs profile

We DELIVER what you need

Discover your wants & needs

Site Visit & Review

Foodservice Evaluation

Technology Assessment

DOS: Dangers/Opportunities/Strengths

Phase two

Marketing navigator

We DELIVER Data Driven Results

Data Analysis R.O.A.R.
[Revenue Opportunity Audit Report]

Right Products / Right Place / Right Price

Marketing Advantage Monthly

MAX12 Membership

Store Branding & Promotion

Phase three

Strategic rollout

We DELIVER Revenue Generating Change

Lyons Support Team Introductions

Delivery Schedule: Optimized Scheduling

Merchandising: Strategy, Scheduling & Implementation

Foodservice: Personalized Foodservice Consultant

Technology: Customized to meet your needs

Phase four

Relationship expander

We DELIVER on Your Future Growth

Year One is only the beginning. We will continue to find ways to maximize your success.

Bi-Annual Review
» R.O.A.R. Analysis: Determine what is working and how we can continue to maximize your sales
» Year over Year Revenue Review


Partnership Conference

Golf Tournament