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Food Service

We carry an extensive line of products and programs. In addition to the typical items like cigarettes, candy and snacks, we are proud partners and distributors of many high quality foodservice programs.

Champs Chicken & Cooper’s Express

We are proud to partner with Pro Food Systems for our chicken programs. Which fried chicken program is right for you? Call their Customer Service Team for more information or visit their website:

Toll-Free 855.632.3373

Champs Chicken

Cooper's Express

Crazy Italian Pizza

Their pizza is crazy delicious!

Sell them hot as Fresh-To-Go, cold as Take-N-Bake or by the extra large Crazy Slice.

Minimum investment, maximum profits!

Crazy Italian Pizza website

New Orleans Roast

Looking for a coffee program that’s unique from the store down the street and will have your customers coming back day after day? Our coffee program, New Orleans Roast, has the local appeal your customers want and an unbeatable flavor that can help create customer loyalty.

Jolly Rancher Frozen Beverage Program

The newest offering in the frozen beverage field, Jolly Rancher Frozen Beverages are sweet, fruity and delicious. One taste and they’ll be coming back for more.

Ice Cream Box Program

Contact your account manager for information on our variety of freezer units and freezer wraps.

Suga’ Mae’s

Fresh baked donuts are impossible to resist and, with no fryer needed, dare we say healthy? Just proof your dough, bake it in the oven and watch them fly off the shelf. Speak to one of our knowledgeable Foodservice Account Managers for details.

Penguin Ice Program

Penguin Ice is a gourmet ice beverage, designed for independent stores and foodservice locations.

Roller Grill Program

There’s more to a roller grill than hot dogs. Contact us about our entire line of roller grill products. Plus, if you buy a roller grill from us, we will give you almost enough product to pay for your investment. Call us today.

Gehl’s Machine

Tired of a messy nacho program? Get the Gehl’s Bag in the Box Program today. Gehl’s means no mess…just profit.